The cold, fever, and cough improved so much

Tonight my 10 year old granddaughter was sick with a cold, cough, and fever. Around 10 pm I put an Allergy Body SIM between her eyebrows and a Discomfort Body SIM on her throat. Before putting the Body SIMs on she was very uncomfortable, but a few minutes after she said she felt better and fell asleep quickly.

It’s been an hour, and I just felt her head; her fever is gone and she has stopped coughing. Sénuvo Body SIMs are so amazing. This is my first time putting them on my granddaughter, and the effectiveness really amazes me.

~ A Sénuvo member from Hunan, China

I finally know how sweet a sound sleep is!

From the time I was in junior high the quality of my sleep had been poor. The combination of lots of stress and the fact that I sleep very lightly meant that getting a good sleep was nothing more than an unreachable dream. Every day when I wake up I feel tired. 😔 Now I have three kids, so sleep is harder to come by than ever.

This week my husband encouraged me to try Sénuvo Body SIMs™ for Relaxation. After putting the Body SIMs™ on I hoped I would fall asleep quickly, but I was too excited and had too many things rushing through my bind. I lay for a while before finally falling asleep.

The amazing thing is that the next morning when I woke up, I felt recharged and full of energy. I haven’t had that feeling in so long! Getting a good sleep feels so good. 😊

Since then I have used Sénuvo Body SIMs™ for Relaxation each night and each morning I feel the happiness and recharged energy that comes from a deep sleep. It’s amazing! Two Body SIMs™ for Relaxation has brought me a whole week of good sleep so far. (Every morning when I get up I take the Body SIMs™ off, then put them back on before bed. They can be reused.)

It has been so valuable, and this is something I want to share with my friends who have sleep problems.

As a reminder, it’s important to drink lots of water when using Body SIMs™. Drink some before going to bed so you won’t feel dehydrated in the morning.

~ Mei-yun, Missouri, USA

Good-bye, ten years of constipation!

For over 10 years I’ve had serious issues with constipation. On average I only use the bathroom once per week. I’ve seen many doctors, and tried many types of medication and Chinese medicine, but nothing has helped. My boss gave me some Sénuvo Purify™. I started to take six pills every day, but I didn’t feel any change. My boss told me to have patience and to continue to take it. After two weeks, an amazing thing happened! I shot like a rocket to the bathroom! For many years I haven’t had this experience and this kind of feeling. I feel more comfortable than I have in years. From then on, I have not been constipated. I use the bathroom regularly and at regular intervals. My skin has also cleared up. I’m so happy; I’ve become healthier and more beautiful. I love Sénuvo!


My menopause symptoms have dramatically improved!

I’m so grateful that I have Sénuvo Grace™ in my life. Six months ago I started to experience the beginning symptoms of menopause. My body started to have random hot flashes, which directly impacted my emotions. Ever since I started taking Sénuvo Grace™ each day, my body feels like it has turned back into the body I know so well. The severity of my hot flashes has gone down, and I’m not as emotional.

In the last few weeks my family had some issues which resulted in a lot to my stress. I’m glad I don’t have the same instability I had before. I don’t know how I would have handled all my stress then.


My extreme menstrual cramping is history!

I’m 26 years old. For the past 10 years I have experienced extreme menstrual cramping. I have tried many types of medicine and Chinese medicine, but none of them have helped. I know that taking pain medicine isn’t a healthy thing to do, but because of the intensity of the pain each month I took a large amount of pain killers. My mother gave me Sénuvo Balance™, which I started to take. After one week my period came, and the pain was dramatically different. After a month I didn’t have any pain during my period. Aside from this, I have much more energy. It’s wonderful.


My blood pressure is down and my immune system is balanced

low blood pressure

My immune system has always been weak. I catch colds and the flu easily, and it takes me a long time to recover. I’ve got another difficult issue which is high blood pressure. When one of my good friends knew that I had a cold, stuffy nose, and a swollen throat, he introduced me to Sénuvo Power Crystals. Within 20 minutes of taking the first Power Crystals, my blood pressure lowered. I was amazed! Within a few days my cold was gone. This product is so miraculous. I’m so grateful that this outstanding, natural product exists. I firmly believe Sénuvo Power Crystals will be with me throughout the rest of my life, helping to take care of my health!

Kevin, Taiwan

Say goodbye to allergies!

For many years I have had severe allergies that made me so uncomfortable. I constantly sneeze and have a runny nose. I use two large boxes of tissues each day. A few weeks ago, I started to use Sénuvo Body SIMs for Allergy. 10 minutes after putting it on, an amazing thing happened. My nose cleared up and wasn’t clogged, I stopped sneezing, and my eyes, throat and nose all stopped itching. I paid close attention, and within 30 minutes all of my allergy symptoms had cleared up. I am so much happier now that I’m finished with the allergies that have tortured me for years. Thanks Sénuvo!

Katherine, Texas, USA

Saying goodbye to antibiotics!

Being healthy is an important thing to me. I don’t like to take medication because of the long term effects. I had just had my wisdom teeth out and was in quite a bit of pain, so the doctor gave me a prescription for pain killers and antibiotics, but I didn’t want to take any medication. One of my clients introduced me to Sénuvo Power Crystals and I decided to take it instead. My gums healed very quickly and completely. When the dentists saw it they were very surprised. Because of this great experience, I started to use Sénuvo Purify™ and Sénuvo Body SIMs for Weight Management. I have lost a lot of weight. Now I can go often go hiking. I like all of the Sénuvo products, and I’m happy to tell others about them. I know Sénuvo will help them the same way it has helped me.

Sandy, Taiwan

Escaping germs!

I have had a great experience with Sénuvo Body SIMs for Wellness. I had an experience where everyone in the family was sick, so I put on a few of the Body SIMs for Wellness, and I didn’t get sick. A few weeks later I felt a bit like I was going to get sick. I immediately put on the Body SIMs for Wellness, and felt much better. I escaped getting sick again! I really like Sénuvo Body SIMs. They don’t have any medicine and don’t make me feel tired, dizzy, or drowsy. At the same time, they increase my immune system.

Annie, Utah, USA